Star ESG Speakers Gather for the LG Chem ‘Green Festival’
Star ESG Speakers Gather for the LG Chem ‘Green Festival’
Star ESG Speakers Gather for the LG Chem ‘Green Festival’

Star ESG Speakers Gather for the LG Chem ‘Green Festival’

■ Five ESG experts such as the science communicator and president of Gwacheon National Science Museum Jeongmo Yi and greenfluencer TV personality Tyler Rasch to hold relay lectures on the 13th

    - Conveying the importance of energy and climate change response to adolescents and college students

■ Open to anyone for viewing through the Like Green campaign homepage (, etc.


“Once the sixth mass extinction event that will certainly come within the next ten-thousand years arrives, humans, who are the apex predator, will be the first to go extinct”

- Science communicator and president of Gwacheon National Science Museum Jeongmo Yi

“Protecting Earth cannot be achieved alone, and it is crucial to be interested in the environment and to share the sense of crisis with acquaintances”

- Greenfluencer TV personality Tyler Rasch

LG Chem will hold a talk concert that aims at thinking about environmental issues together and to convey the importance of energy and climate change response as part of its ESG management.

LG Chem announced that it will host the ‘Green Festival’ together with Korea Food for the Hungry International, etc. where five star speakers will give relay lectures online from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the 13th.

The Green Festival is an event that invites experts in the ESG sector to hold various lectures online as part of the ‘Like Green’ campaign for fostering adolescents and college students into global leaders in the environmental sector.

This is the first year for hosting this event and will invite a total of five speakers such as President of Gwacheon National Science Museum Jeongmo Yi, Ewha Womans University Professor of Life Sciences Yikweon Jang, TV personality Tyler Rasch, Kyunghee University Professor of Physics Sangwook Kim, and EBSi Earth Science Instructor Sungjin Ahn.

The first speaker, Gwacheon National Science Museum President Jeongmo Yi will explain the dangers of climate change under the theme ‘Surviving the Sixth Mass Extinction’ and advocate that humanity will have to concentrate all of its technological capacities to survive in nature.

Mr. Yi is also known as a science communicator who gives lectures by talking about science technologies in a manner that it can be understood easily so that the general public can become more familiar with science.

Professor Yikweon Jang will introduce how to understand the signals sent by nature and how to respond to it based on the theme of the lecture, ‘Our Future Signaled by Frogs Out of Hibernation.’

The lecture will explain that climate change will interfere with the survival and reproduction of frogs, and that this will eventually affect humanity.

TV personality Tyler Rasch will offer information on how to practice protecting the environment in everyday life such as reducing meat consumption under the theme, ‘Climate Crisis - Crisis for Life and People.’

Tyler, who is a greenfluencer, is a goodwill ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and is trumpeting the seriousness of environmental issues.

* Greenfluencer: new word combining ‘green’ that represents ‘green and environment’ and ‘influencer’ that means ‘a person who wields influence’

Professor Sangwook Kim will speak out the issues of the future society that will result from the lack of energy under the theme, ‘What is the Issue with Energy Issues?’ Professor Kim is currently appearing in the popular educational TV show ‘The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge’ and is sharing scientific knowledge in an easy-to-understand way for the general public.

Mr. Sungjin Ahn will delve into the causes of and solutions for global warming under the theme, ‘Everything about Global Warming.’

Mr. Ahn is also the leader of the band called ‘Doctors’ that sings songs about science.

Collegiate education mentors will participate in the panel of the Green Festival to hold a variety of Q&A sessions after each lecture.

Anyone can watch the lectures via the campaign homepage ( or the YouTube channel.

Park Jun Sung (Senior Vice President / Group Leader, Corporate Affairs Group) said, “We organized this event to think about global environment issues at the eye level of adolescents and the general public,” and added, “We will continue to carry out various activities at the corporate level in the ESG sector such as solving environmental issues in the future.”