NPG Neopenthyl Glycol
Neopenthyl Glycol
Neopenthyl Glycol
Producing high-purity materials through proprietary processes

LG Chem produces NPG (Neopenthyl Glycol) of high purity through its new proprietary process to use it as a raw material for powder coatings, unsaturated resins, urethane resins and alkyd resins.

Product inquiry
High glossiness
Chemical resistance
Weather resistance
Powder coating Powder coating
Unsaturated resin Unsaturated resin
Urethane resin Urethane resin
Alkyd resin Alkyd resin
Supply Chain
Raw material supply
Supplies NPG
Processing company
Paints and adhesives manufacturer
Final product
Paints, coating agents, PET chips, etc.
Product Classification
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Category Grade Features Applications Download
High glossiness, Chemical resistance, Weather resistance
Powder Coating Resins, Alkyd Coating Resins, Fiber Glass Reinforced Resins, Plasticizers