[Acrylates] Adding Luxuriousness to Kitchen

The meaning of the space we call “kitchen” is evolving. If it simply meant a space in which people prepared foods in the past, its newer meaning is a romantic space where people cook and share joy at the same time. The recent popularity of “cookbang” (cooking programs on TV) probably has some influence, but we assume that it is also because people’s lifestyle has changed significantly.

With the growing importance of a kitchen in a home, more people are starting to care about the design of their kitchens. The imitation marble is one of the most preferred materials for kitchen design.

It owes its popularity to the fact that it has the luxuriousness of a marble and can be designed to express multitude of colors and patterns to create various styles. In addition, the material is highly durable and stain-resistant, which makes maintenance very easy.

The imitation marble is made by mixing synthetic minerals (stone and sand) with resins, and type of resin commonly used for this purpose is an acrylic resin called acrylate.

Acrylate is also used in acrylic textiles, paints, etc.


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