Cathode Material
Key to maintaining competitiveness of world-class battery technology

Cathode is the energy source of lithium ion batteries and is the key material that has the greatest impact on battery performance, safety and price. LG Chem produces a battery from start to finish, including its raw material as well as finished goods, utilizing its competitiveness in battery technology.

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소형전지 Mobile Battery
자동차 전지 Automobile Battery
ESS 전지 ESS Battery
Product Functions and Structure
Anode materials, which discharge/intake lithium ions and electrons as the transition metals are oxidized/reduced, are the energy source of lithium ion batteries, and the batteries use this difference in reactivity to convert chemical energy to electrical energy.
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Product Classification
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Category Grade Features Applications Download
Cathode Material
Long cycle life, Safety
Automobile, ESS
Cathode Material
Cycle life, Power
Automobile, ESS
Cathode Material
Cycle life, Safety
Mobile, ESS
Cathode Material
Capacity, Cycle life, Power, (Gas generation suppression)
Automobile, ESS
Cathode Material
Capacity, Cycle life, High Temperature Storage
Automobile, ESS