Compliance Management
In April 2012, LG Chem has appointed compliance assistants from the Board of Directors and introduced a compliance assistant system by adopting compliance standards. The elected compliance assistants supervise compliance and control in accordance with compliance standards, conduct compliance checks for the company’s business and members, and improve the company’s internal standards and behaviors that may be illegal.
Compliance Management system
The compliance support and management activities of LG Chem are managed by the compliance officer appointed by the Board of Directors. Evaluation on the efficiency of compliance supoort and management system is conducted and reported to the BOD every year. The Legal Compliance Team under the Legal Department is in operation to support the compliance officers
Roles and Responsibilities of Compliance Officer · Team
  • Implementation of compliance standards
  • Preventative and improvement measures to reduce legal risks
  • Formation and implementation of compliance education programs
  • Compliance activity review and result evaluation
Strengthening Compliance Education
LG Chem develops and operates various compliance education programs for different positions and conducts annaul online compliance education. We also carry out online complaince education employees more than once a year.
Moreover, we produce and distribute the LG CODE of CONDUCT based on Jeong-Do Management for employees to understand and respond to legal risks that may arise in the process of performing tasks.
Prevention of Compliance Risk
LG Chem not only compies with global standards but also manages compliance of overseas corporations in order to minimize management risks and fulfill its social responsibility. In particular, LG Chem constantly checks and analyzes new legislations and amendment at home and abroad as well as regulations and legal trends.

We conduct complaince checks on domestic and overseas sites through risk evaluation with a checklist to secure the effectiveness of the compliance control system.
Moreover, we have established a recurrence prevention plan to prevent the occurrence of the same or similar violations. When tasks closely related to legal risks need to performed, they must be run by the Legal Department in advance and the results must be reported to the compiance officeer.