LG Chem aims to connect science, which incorporates accumulated knowledge, technology, and solutions with new insight toward a better future life.
We connect science to life
for a better future
  • "Science" means not only the knowledge system in all fields surrounding us, but also all the knowledge, technologies and solutions that we can accumulate and create in the future.
Connect to Life
  • We are organically connecting the knowledge, technologies and solutions accumulated over a long period of time with new fields of knowledge to create new innovations in the world. This is "Connecting Science to Life."
Better future
  • As a global company that influences human life and industry as a whole, we will play a leading role in creating a sustainable future.
슬로건 로고 WeConnectScience

The "C" and "O" from "connect" are linked to embody the infinity symbol (∞),
which represents the creation of infinite possibilities through connecting science with the life of humankind.

Core Values
  • Outside-in view
    We always think and behave from the customer's point of view and actively utilize the capabilities of external experts and organizations.
  • Innovation
    We constantly innovate with differentiated technology and astound customers with value beyond their expectations.
  • Adaptability
    We quickly adapt strategies and processes flexibly in line with the environment and market changes.
  • Continuous Learning
    In order to actively respond to changes, we constantly learn with an open mind.
  • Respect
    We "Speak up" with our opinions within the culture of respect for one another.
  • One company
    In order to achieve common goals, we must create synergy by actively collaborating with one another.
  • Challenge
    We do not be afraid of failure. We have dreams and passion, and boldly challenge new opportunities.
  • Growth
    We immerse ourselves in work with initiative and autonomy and enhance the capabilities of ourselves and our organization.
  • Safety
    We never compromise in matters related to safety, keeping in mind that nothing can replace safety, which is an important criterion and value.
  • Responsibility
    We recognize the wide-ranging scope of our responsibility for society and environment and make decisions and carry out the business with a solid sense of responsibility.