Sustainability Strategy
LG Chem pursues sustainable innovation based on 『Sustainability Vision』, which includes customer, environment and social value throughout its business activities.
Sustainability is one of the key values in implementing LG Chem's vision ‘We connect science to life for a better future’.As a driving engine of long-term business success and continuous growth, LG Chem is focusing on sustainability in all business decisions. As a global company that influences humanity and the world, LG Chem aims to achieve “sustainable growth” by consolidating financial growth and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria across the entire process, from sourcing raw materials to using products to their disposal.
  • Climate Change
    Climate Change
    Climate change is the most pressing and grave crisis faced by all mankind. To respond to climate change, LG Chem has declared a carbon-neutral growth goal by 2050, the first in the domestic chemical industry. To realize this, we have established and implemented various implementation strategies for carbon reduction, such as innovating our business portfolio with a focus on low carbon and eco-friendly and promoting the conversion to renewable energy.
  • Circularity
    Plastic is a material that has given various benefits to human life, but due to its long-term non-perishable shortcoming, when it becomes waste, it adversely affects the environment. LG Chem actively promotes mechanical/chemical recycling of plastic waste to establish a virtuous resource circulation system, and is connecting this to new business opportunities through the development of recycled plastics and degradable bioplastics.
  • Supply Chain
    Supply Chain
    It is our responsibility as a global company to implement responsible management of our supply chain in procurement of raw materials to produce our products. LG Chem aims to set strict standards not only in our processes but also throughout the supply chain and establish an ethical and responsible raw material procurement system.
  • Compliance
    Compliance, such as environmental safety, management of hazardous chemicals, and compliance, is the basis of business and standards that must be observed. LG Chem strives to minimize risks that may arise by thoroughly complying with the basics in business operations.
  • Human Rights
    Human Rights
    Respect and fair treatment of human beings is the most essential factor in conducting business. LG Chem respects the rights of employees, develops their competencies, and strives to create a good corporate culture for work through fair treatment.
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