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When we sit on the driver’s seat of a car, we can see the word “airbag” written in the center of the steering wheel. An airbag is a supplementary safety device used along with a seatbelt. It prevents the driver and passengers from colliding with the internal structures of the vehicle by rapidly expanding as the vehicle crashes into an object. The airbag cover must open very quickly without shattering as sharp fragments can injure the driver and passengers.

For an airbag cover to operate without problems in a collision, it must be impact-resistant enough not to shatter in extremely low temperatures and have physical properties that can withstand high temperatures without deformation or peeling off. Also, an airbag cover must have a flexible surface in order to wrap around the air cushion and have a decorative effect on the steering wheel.

For these reasons, highly functional engineered plastics are usually preferred over ordinary plastics, and a compound material of PP and TPO (Thermoplastic Olefinic Elastomer) is commonly used. LG Chem produces and supplies this material under the brand LUPOL.